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Vendor: Citrix
Certifications: CCP-M
Exam Name: Designing, Deploying and Managing Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solutions
Exam Code: 1Y0-371
Total Questions: 143 Q&As
1Y0-371 dumps
A Citrix Engineer is setting up NetScaler for the first time and needs to configure NetScaler Gateway as part of a XenMobile solution.
Which two pieces of information will the engineer need in order to allocate the universal license properly? (Choose two.)
A. The number of mobile users
B. The Host ID of the NetScaler
C. The number of mobile devices
D. The Host name of the NetScaler
Correct Answer: A,D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to use the XenMobile Device Manager (XDM) server to enroll and manage 200 iPad devices. During the installation of the XDM server, the Enable iOS option is NOT selected.
How could the engineer now enable this mode of device management for the iPad devices?
A. Use an MDX policy.
B. Run the iOSenable utility.
C. Re-enroll the iPad devices.
D. Use the XenMobile Device Manager console.
Correct Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer set up XenMobile Device Manager and successfully enrolled Android devices, but is NOT able to enroll an iOS device. 1Y0-371 dumps
What should the engineer do to ensure the iOS device is enrolled?
A. Check that port 8443 is open to the XenMobile Device Manager.
B. Verify that Worx Home is being deployed from an iOS deployment package.
C. Check the inbound communications to XenMobile Device Manager on port 5223.
D. Ensure that the XenMobile Device Manager has external access to Apple Push Notification Service.
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the WorxWeb mobile application. However, management does NOT want users to use WorxWeb for Internet browsing through the Micro VPN tunnel.
Which MDX policy configuration must the engineer implement to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?
A. Set the Require WiFi policy to ‘On’.
B. Set Network Access to ‘Unrestricted’.
C. Set the Require Internal Network policy to ‘On’.
D. Set Network Access to ‘Tunneled to internal network’.
Correct Answer: B

Which two policies should a Citrix Engineer add to a deployment package to set the status of a user’s device to Out of Compliance and notify the engineer whenever a user installs a blacklisted application on an enrolled device? (Choose two.)
A. App Lock
B. Restriction
C. Automated Actions
D. Applications Access
Correct Answer: C,D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to provide users with remote access to SaaS applications managed by XenMobile. Users will access the applications on their mobile devices through Worx Home.
Which two options should the engineer configure in the session profile on the NetScaler? (Choose two.)
B. Clientless Access ON
D. Single Sign-on to Web Applications DISABLED
Correct Answer: A,B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer installed and configured XenMobile Mail Manager to connect to Exchange and XenMobile Device Manager. Devices are being filtered for email access. The engineer needs to apply existing Exchange rules to unmanaged devices for access to email.
Which step could the engineer take to meet the requirements outlined in the scenario?
A. Configure the Default Access Rule as ‘Allow’.
B. Create a Local Rule to allow unmanaged devices.
C. Configure the Default Access Rule as ‘Unchanged’.
D. Configure the ActiveSync Command Mode using Powershell.
Correct Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer is integrating a Microsoft Certificate Authority server with the XenMobile Device Manager to provide certificate-based authentication for Wi-Fi. 1Y0-371 dumps
Which iOS policy must the engineer configure to deploy the certificate to devices?
B. iOS Certificate
C. iOS Credentials
D. iOS App Configuration
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: Users in an organization use WorxMail on their mobile devices for email access. A Citrix Engineer needs to configure NetScaler and App Controller to allow these users to stay connected to email for long durations without prompting re-authentication.
What should the engineer configure to meet the requirements of the scenario?
A. Micro VPN
B. Single Sign-on
C. Client certificate
D. Secure Ticket Authority
Correct Answer: D

A school has a pool of mobile devices that students use on premises for coursework.
How could a Citrix Engineer configure XenMobile Device Manager to warn the user when the device is taken off campus?
A. Deploy a Roaming Configuration policy.
B. Issue a Locate from the Device Security menu.
C. Enable Tracking from the Device Security menu.
D. Set the Geo-fencing options in a Location Services policy.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: An organization just acquired another organization and must create a new secure LDAP configuration to enable mobile device enrollment for the new domain users. The new domain will be called domain.local and will be hosted in a remote datacenter.
Which two tasks must a Citrix Engineer complete in order to successfully complete this configuration? (Choose two.)
A. Open port 389 on the firewall.
B. Open port 636 on the firewall.
C. Install an Active Directory root certificate on the Device Manager server.
D. Configure two-way transitive trust between the new and existing domains.
Correct Answer: B,C

Scenario: A cloud service provider hosts XenMobile solutions for multiple clients and manages the XenMobile solutions through the Multi-Tenant Console. 1Y0-371 dumps A Citrix Engineer needs to configure the Multi-Tenant Console to allow some clients to report on their tenants.
How would the engineer configure the Multi-Tenant Console so that a client only sees the accounts relevant to them?
A. Run a report and filter for clients.
B. Add an administrator user and assign it client privileges.
C. Edit each tenant and assign the client from the dropdown list.
D. Create a role with privileges to view tenants only and add the client.
Correct Answer: C

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